Baltimore Society of Model Engineers

Old Pictures of the HO Scale BSME Layout

Come see the massive changes to the city

- all blocks redone with many details


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Be sure to see the movies of the HO layout.

Click on each image to see a larger view:

The trolley which serves the downtown area of the city we refer to as Baltimore.

Another shot in the same area shows the trolley in motion

An EMD 50th anniversary diesel hauling a freight train around our layout.

An overhead shot of the Chesapeake and Western Passenger Station in South Baltimore. As you can see Baltimore is to your right in the photo.

A track level shot of the trains departing eastbound. You can also see some our many railroad heralds in the upper right of this picture.

Shooting from the other end of the passenger station we see what was on the head-end of the two westbound trains.

The interior of the station shows all the people heading for their trains.

One of the blocks of downtown Baltimore, the inner harbor can be seen on the back wall. This scene was created by taking a photograph from Federal Hill and having a poster print produced by the local photo shop. The sky was then carefully cut out of the poster print to mount on the wall already painted as sky. As you can see it makes for a very nice backdrop.

Be sure to see the movies of the HO layout too.

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