Baltimore Society of Model Engineers

If you need more directions, call the club at: 410-837-BSME (2763), and leave a message or send e-mail to: Recommend calling if less than a week before you plan to visit.

Open House Shows - cancelled until further notice

We hold open house shows to promote the hobby of model railroading, we have held our open houses for over 80 years! If you are interested in making model railroading your hobby, we also welcome new members! It is a great family hobby.

We are open the Second Sunday of each month, except May. And are open additional days during the Winter Holiday season.

Weather and Holidays permitting, plan to drop by to see trains run, find out more about the hobby, and our club.

Come visit us and find out why model railroading is one of the worlds greatest hobbies. Talk to our members and learn how you can make model railroading a lifetime of fun.

  • Open houses will resume when we have our new layouts up an running.

You will see operating trains and trolleys modeling railroad transportation systems in realistic settings with scale buildings, vehicles, and people. The club will operate both HO and O scale layouts, the two most popular model railroad scales. We also display a real steam locomotive bell, and whistle; 34 heralds (logos) from railroads that criss-crossed this country in the mid 50s; and manufacturer and railroad publicity photos.

If you have a group who would like to visit the club, please e-mail your request to:

We are located at 3500 Parkdale Ave, Bldg 1, in the Woodberry neighborhood of Baltimore.